What information is needed
Before you order
Customer will have to define all parameters of the doors, such as; hightened security and/or fireproof required, affected by frequently changing temperatures (e.g. sauna door). Humidity is a significant factor for solid wood doors, which can impact warranty (e.g. rapid temperature changes)
We are a carpentry company, that covers both, individual, and mass production woodworks. Our craftsmen have the necessary experience in diverse industrial and bespoke projects. Our company has recently moved to new premises, which allows complicated high precision woodworking, without outsourcing any part of the process. In carpentry the preparation of surface is crucial for quality, and accordingly we have our coating camera for that.
Feel free to browse our galleries to see, and evaluate how our vision and design solution could satisfy your needs. Contact us to learn about our availability, and production time.
In order for us to calculate material costs, and amount of work needed, the customer will have to define their needs precisely, so we can provide you with a correct final price. If the consultation and/or site inspection is required, that will be calculated with distance, and time taken in account.
Customer is responsible for technical drawings, and sizes provided. If the project is produced by us, we will take a responsibility for all measurements, and technical solutions, which will be discussed, and confirmed with customer. When the final product is agreed upon, customer will be provided with technical drawings, and detailed list of all costs.
Technical solutions for furniture are provided by us, taking in account customer’s needs and/or supplied materials.